About Me

I view the everyday world from a “slightly” different perspective than do most people. While an old friend tells me with regularity that I’m “just not right,” I prefer to think of myself as “uniquely perceptive.” Truth is, I go through life with just enough wit to make the people I love laugh and just enough sarcasm to irritate the very people I intend to irritate. 

So it goes with flying pigs.

My interests run from pedals (the bicycle kind) to politics.  While I write for several political blogs, including my own,  flying pigs is my outlet for all things non-political – my escape from the real madness.

Oh, and I reserve the right to make snarky comments, pass judgement and ridicule everyone and everything as I see fit. I don’t miss many opportunities in real life, and I’m not about to start here. 

I write about things that are funny, sad, ridiculous, outrageous or beautiful. If I offend you, I’m not sorry. Your recourse? Don’t come back. Better yet, start your own blog!

Life’s always been a bit of a crazy train for me. Flying pigs gives me the opportunity to invite others along for the ride. Hop on board.