Vampire Woman Gets Horns

Who wouldn’t kill for an awesome set of titanium horns?

If you hover your curser over the image of our pal in the upper-right corner, the caption reads “When you realize you’re the guest of honor at a self-thrown pity party, stop and look around; it could be a hell of a lot worse.”

Meet Mexican tattoo artist Maria Jose Cristerna, also known as “Mujer Vampiro.” (Vampire Woman) This foxy mother of four from Mexico showed off her sexy self at a tattoo exhibition in Monterrey, California recently.

Her “unique look” includes vampire teeth, creepy contacts, and a pair of awesome earrings. Guess what? She’s not finished; Vampire Woman says she plans to have more horns implanted. Of course she does!

The tattoos? Maria says they’re a “form of liberation.” From WHAT Maria? She claims that her new titanium horns are her way of “being immortal.”  She adds that the new horns, which were implanted without anesthetic, are a “symbol of strength.”  Yeah, that – or stupidity.

Good grief.

2 responses to “Vampire Woman Gets Horns

  1. I think she’s awesome, everyone is free to decide what to do with it’s body, so that’s just your opinion.
    pretty pretentious and stupid by the way.

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