Murder Solved After Cops Find Crime Scene Tattooed on Gang Member’s Chest

You just can’t make this stuff up

When 23-year old John Juarez was shot dead in front of a Los Angeles liquor store in 2004, the police were unable to figure out who did it. The case remained unsolved  — until a vigilant cop happened upon a curious mug shot four years later.

Meet 22-year-old Anthony Garcia, a member of the notorious LA gang Rivera-13, who was arrested in 2008 for driving without a license. As part of the booking procedure, police took pictures of his tattoos and entered them into their database.

Later that year, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Homicide Detective Sergeant Kevin Lloyd was looking through photos when he noticed something odd: the scene tattooed on the front of Garcia‘s chest looked a whole lot like the crime scene from the Juarez murder.

Cincidence? Not so much. Stupidity? You bet:

The LA Sheriff’s Department describes the similarities Lloyd noticed:

The tattoo window and frames of the store are similar to the crime scene photo of the liquor store; even the tattoo line on the roof represents the Christmas lights.

The tattoo shows a “peanut man” being shot by a helicopter, then falling face down.

The gang nickname of convicted murderer Anthony Garcia is “Chopper.”

Garcia’s gang refers to members of its rival gang as “peanuts.”

The direction that the shots were fired matched those depicted in the tattoo.

The tattoo street light and street sign to the left of the liquor store resemble the corner of Rosemead and Carron, the scene of the murder.

After Lloyd recognized the mural, sheriff’s detectives arrested Garcia for the shooting. Believing he was talking to gang members, Garcia bragged to under-cover cops about carrying out the shooting. Of course he did.

Garcia was convicted of first-degree murder this week in a case that police had at one time given up hope of ever solving. That is until Anthony Garcia’s arrogant stupidity got the best of him. The moron of morons.

2 responses to “Murder Solved After Cops Find Crime Scene Tattooed on Gang Member’s Chest

  1. That’s what happens when you don’t graduate 2nd grade in Mexico. Einstein was right stupidity does not have any limits. This mexican pin head should get the death penalty for stupidity alone!

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