So You Think Things Couldn’t Get Any Worse, Huh?

It’s happened six times in our peaceful little planet’s violent past

Have you ever wondered what would happen if an asteroid hit the earth, just as one did over four billion years ago? Actually, come to think of it, I have. Let’s assume that asteroid is 300 miles in diameter — larger than the main island of Japan. Oh yeah, it’s the same size as the one that dropped by last time.

First, the crust of the earth would be “peeled away like an orange skin.” Debris the size of city blocks would be hurled into space. The rim of the crater would be higher than any mountain range on earth today. After that, things take a turn for the worse:

So you’ve been in situations where you’ve felt “the heat?” Let’s talk about HEAT. The earth could get as hot as the surface of the sun. Accordingly to Brown University’s Dr. Peter Schultz, the energy would “literally fry all living organisms” on the planet. (Thus depriving health nuts of requesting broiled salmon for dinner that evening)

One day after impact, all life on the planet would be vaporized and the earth would look like this:

The oceans would start to bubble and boil. One month later, they would be gone completely. (Which of course, would have a devastating impact on ocean-front property values)

Scientists believe similar impacts have happened six times in the earth’s history. Were it to happen today, the only upside I see is politicians and special interest groups wouldn’t be around to blame each other.

Wanna see more scary details? Watch the video:

In the spirit of “it could be worse,” yep, it sure could. Our goofy pal in the upper right hand corner might even agree. Or maybe not.

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