These Are Some Ugly-Ass Creatures

Sam, the Chinese Crested. The ugliest dog on the planet. Discussion over.

The Aye Aye of Madagascar. Maybe more weird than ugly. Either way, wouldn’t want him in my lap.

The Sphynx Cat. Ugly – and hairless on top of it.

The Blobfish. Creature from the Black Lagoon looking, isn’t it?

The Star Nosed Mole. Snotty looking creature too.

The Naked Mole Rat. Damn.

The Tarsier. Okay, maybe not ugly, but REALLY CREEPY.

The Hatchet Fish. I got nothin’.

The Goblin Shark. Looks like a 5th grader made this for science class, doesn’t it?

The Proboscis Monkey. If you like big noses, this guy makes Jimmy Durante look like Brad Pitt.

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