Groundbreaking Study Proves Stuff Happening Somewhere Else Right Now


A study conducted by The Journal of Cosmology shows that other stuff takes place at other places all the time. In fact, there is something else taking place somewhere else this very moment.

Amazingly, it’s true; whenever you are doing stuff wherever you are, there are other people doing other stuff wherever they are.

The groundbreaking study disproves the long-held belief that existence is limited to stuff right here – right now. This is unfortunate since 99% of the world’s population operates under the assumption that here and now is the only thing taking place.

Astonishingly, it’s not just that stuff is happening other places, it’s that there is an almost infinite amount of stuff occurring at numerous other places simultaneously.

The study also reveals that if one were to leave the present location (here) to investigate other stuff taking place somewhere else, other stuff would then take place in the location previously considered here, which would now be there.

In addition to confirming the existence of other stuff and other places, the study also proves conclusively that one can never be somewhere else. The moment you go there, there becomes here, thereby creating a new here, there.

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