If You Hang Around Long Enough, Nothing Will Surprise You Anymore

From hell freezing over to flying pigs

I decided to write flying pigs for several of reasons. We live in a pretty crazy world these days and no matter how hard I try, it’s very difficult for me to keep my big mouth shut when something gets my attention. Don’t misunderstand me, not all of the insanity is bad, mind you. Much of the nonsense going on out there is hilarious. Even better, the really hysterical stuff isn’t supposed to be funny at all. That’s what makes it so entertaining.

Anyway, flying pigs gives me the ability to make snarky comments and pass judgement as I see fit. I don’t miss many opportunities to second-guess, play Monday morning quarterback, or say “I told you so.” Life is good.


Sometimes I’ll just pass along odd stories, like the one about the 19-year old kid who built a death-ray that actually works. Aside from the fact that he managed to put this thing together in the first place, what do you suppose was going on in his head that made him want to do it? Having been a creative lad myself, (who chased around ants with a magnifying glass) I also wonder what sorts of things he’s zapped with it that he isn’t telling us about. One can only imagine.


And how about Allstate’s research, which suggests that people’s driving habits could be related to their astrological signs? I’m serious. According to Allstate, Scorpios are only involved in 1.5% of accidents while Virgos are 700% more likely to get in wrecks. Does this mean that we should now begin asking cab drivers, truckers, bus drivers and pilots, “What’s your sign?”

C’mon back. There’s plenty of ridiculous stuff out there to talk about.

2 responses to “If You Hang Around Long Enough, Nothing Will Surprise You Anymore

  1. You are so funny! I am proud of you getting involved in so much…its amazing, Mike….Good for you…This is a great site…love it…

    • Thanks, I’m glad you checked it out. Didn’t want you to think all I could write about was political stuff. Of course I’m funny, surely you haven’t forgotten that, have you? I appreciate your comments, seriously. 😀

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